Ricky Waugh

Delivery & Sales

A true local raised in Currumbin, Ricky is who you’ll see driving through your gate with your delivery on-board. No shed too small or job too tough for Ricky. He is also another friendly face you’ll see in store.

Ross Muggeridge

Customer Relations

Ross reluctantly likes to accept that he takes our “senior” role at Fieldways but with that comes years of experience in industries from civil construction to dairy farming. He spends most of his time visiting customers directly to help with their specific needs. Sit down for a tea and you’ll get anything out of him.

Kelty Conning


Upstairs in The Trot Up or with the horses in generally where you’ll find Kelty. She understands how simple changes or tools can help a one-horse owner to a stud owner and is always sourcing the best products and information to incorporate into the Equine department amongst Fieldways & The Trot Up.

Jordan Weeks


The face of it all! Jordan is well known across the industry having over 10 years’ experience directly in rural merchandise. Jordan loves to talk sprayers, chemicals, fencing, stock feed – you name it – he knows it! He does what he loves and that’s what really makes the difference at Fieldways.