Our way of saying…
Thank you!

We understand the cost and effort involved in running an equestrian event or agricultural show. We also appreciate the loyalty and support we receive from our customers on a daily basis and would love to return this by sponsoring events/organisations and individual riders.

With over 10 different organisations/clubs within an hour radius of our store you can imagine we’re unable to support every event. To make it easier for ourselves and the organisations/clubs we will only arrange yearly sponsorship packages specific to a club/organisation per year. We will only make an exception to an outside event if under exceptional circumstances or volume.

When sponsoring an organisation/club we will generally discuss what is most beneficial for them specifically. We most commonly provide products, vouchers or prize rugs etc. We will not commonly provide cash donations unless event is under exceptional circumstances or volume.

Want to become apart of the team?


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Be yourself. Keep on doing you & growing with your horse. We look at someone who is kind, determined and true to themselves. This is how champions are made!

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Support us. This is as simple as commenting or sharing our posts. Engaging in our content & tagging us in your purchases!

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Come January is our Team Search! We usually ask for applications to be sent to us in this time frame but also look close at those riders we’ve seen interact with us organically.

Our Team
We currently give annual positions for sponsored riders & ambassadors for The Trot Up. Our sponsored riders also receive support from Fieldways Rural. These riders are selected for their encouragement of other riders and dedication shown in the equestrian sport.