Mains M30 2KM Energiser

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Thunderbird’s M30 pet fence energiser can fence up to 2km of electric fence. It runs off 240v mains power and steps down to provide a safe reliable shock to keep your pets and other easily controlled animals where they should stay and other animals and vermin out.

(Old model number M25)

Great electric fence energizer for

  • Easily controlled animals
  • Horse and Cattle 
  • Dog electric fence
  • Pet containment electric fences
  • Pet electric fence
  • Small hobby farms

Thunderbird M30 energisers are highly efficient electrical appliances with low power use.
Installed and used correctly these products should provide years of reliable service.

  • Check out the M30 fence energizer features:
  • Australian made
  • Safety certified and approved to Australian and New Zealand Standards
  • 2 year warranty
  • Surface mount electronics – for ultra reliability
  • Vacuum sealed transformer
  • Lightning spark gap fitted – 6 months warranty against lightning strikes
  • Tough insect and weatherproof enclosure sealed with O’ring gasket.
  • Bright pulse light to indicate properly working energizer, flashes with every pulse.
  • Large, robust and easy to use terminals
  • Modular design for faster service and repairs