Inter™ Backpack Sprayer 12 Litre

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**Suitable for disinfectant spraying and misting applications
  • Large filter with viton seals in lance handle and rustproof spring
  • Wide, deep filter in filling system with contents indicator
  • External level indicator
  • Fibreglass lance
  • Ergonomic tank with back separator
  • Full-width base, shockproof and rustproof
  • Complete with 2 protective masks to prepare the mixture and 100ml dosage measuring jar
  • Screw-on hose connections to the handle and the chamber without clamps
  • High-capacity, very strong pressure chamber
  • Pump lever with ergonomic handle
  • Reversible, for use with either hand
  • Mechanical stirrer with a device for mounting the closing valve
  • Stainless steel balls in valve and sleeve
  • Herbicide nozzle or accessory
  • Replacement seals, on rubber, one synthetic
  • Adjustable conical nozzle
  • Fast parts replacement, no tools required
  • Complete with pressure regulator for consistent spraying

Specification Sheet