It’s difference.

It starts – rain, hail or shine. All of us. Same boat. Different day. We live and breathe it just as much as you do and when you’re heaving and lugging or patting and grooming we’ve always got a way for you. Prices are great, cheap prices are better and we know it helps. We also know if we source better, find better and learn better that will get you further than ever. At the end, it’s the difference of our everyday know. It’s our difference that’ll help you get there. Our passion is yours. Always.


Fieldways Rural was a bit of a place we happened to find ourselves in. Jordan being in the industry since his first job at 13 then found himself managing a large rural merchandise store over the last couple of years. It was then bought by another company and changed hands. Coincidentally at this time his first boss from almost 10 years ago was selling their store. Sometimes stars aline and this was that time. From then on Fieldways was born.


Pondering and pondering name after name we finally settled on ‘Fieldways’. The association to the industry with ‘Field’ and really, it was a bit of a ‘there’s always a way’ type attitude that we thought suited. Nothing fancy, nothing ordinary, nothing too direct. It seemed to just sit nicely so there it happened!

P.s Can you have a guess as to how our logo came about?


The Trot Up | Tack Shop
Located Level 1 Fieldways Rural grew The Trot Up aimed to encourage the essence of living, loving & of course, horses. Supporting emerging Australian and New Zealand brands as well as International brands. We are always open to partnering with sustainable brands to often expand our range of beautiful & interesting products. These are so proudly stocked and most importantly products our customers can be enriched by.
Canine Culture | Pet Grooming
Come on in and find Canine Culture towards the back of Fieldways Rural. Adding Leah to our store was a match made in heaven. We know pets but Leah really knows pets! Being a groomer for over 10 years and a vet nurse before that your fur babies will be in the most capable hands. Click ‘book in’ to read all of her beautiful reviews and arrange an appointment.